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DIY Frosted Vase

I have always enjoyed crafting and making things you can have on display in your home is an amazing feeling. This Vase is so easy to make, you only need a few materials and a little time. It’s a great way to upgrade a basic, cheap vase and makes a great present too!

You will need:

A Glass Vase

Frosted Glass Spray Paint – I used Rust Oleum

Some Letter Stickers

Masking Tape

Something to cover your work surface.

Start with a Clean Surface

Clean your vase with soap and water, rise it well to remove any grease and finger prints.

Make your Design

Use your letters to make a word or phrase etc. sticking them directly onto the surface of the vase. I found it helps to remove some of the stickiness by tapping the back of the stickers against a piece of fabric before applying them to the vase, this will help you remove the stickers later.

Use the masking tape to tape the top edge of the vase. This will give you a clean edge and help you remove it from the work surface without ruining your design. You can also use the masking tape to create guidlines like in my picture above, this will help you to align the letters.

Start Spraying

Turn your vase upside down on a covered work surface and follow the directions on your can of spray paint. I used two light coats of frosted spray paint, allowing time for each coat to dry before the next.

Make sure your spraying from about 30cm away, trust me, too close and you end up with an uneven mess! see below

Take one – This one went a bit wrong. I sprayed too close and too thickly. Several thin coats are better than one thick one!

Peel and Reveal

Once your final coat is fully dried, peel off your stickers (tweezers are good for this). And voilà! A pretty, frosted vase.

Try it yourself and let me know how it goes in the comments!

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