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Gin of the Month – March & April

I didn’t post a gin last month, but we bought two new ones from Aldi in March, So here’s March and April’s Gin of the Month.

Chilli and Ginger Gin & Blueberry and Vanilla Gin from Eden Mill.

These were £20.00 each and 2 out of about 3 flavours that our Aldi had in stock. Our absolute favourite is the Chilli and Ginger one, the Vanilla and Blueberry is nice but a little more subtle.

I served the Chilli and Ginger gin with ice and ginger ale and I garnished it with a bit of lemon peel, thin slices of fresh ginger and a sprig of rosemary. This gin is honestly divine!

The second gin I served with ice and Indian tonic water, garnished with frozen blueberries, a wedge of lime and a sprig of rosemary.

Both of these gins are actually clear, it’s the ginger ale and the frozen blueberries that are giving these drinks their colour.

So go pop to Aldi and grab a gin. It’s lovely to sit in the garden in this rare sunny weather we’re having with a G&T in hand!

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