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House Update – 2 months

Two whole months! That’s how long we’ve had the keys to our very own home. Where does the time go? We’ve been extremely busy since day 1 making this empty shell into a home, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Yes, the house has been eating our bank accounts… but to us (well me at least) it’s an investment. There is no better feeling that coming home from work and stepping into your house and looking round knowing that you did this, you bought this and it’s amazing!

Our First Home

I’m going to share some before and after pics from the house from the moment we stepped through the door to today! Okay, its mostly our lounge we’ve made progress on, but we wanted to have a place to relax at the end of the day, so the lounge was high priority.

We had a walk around with our builder from Anwyl a week before we got the keys and they went through the important bits, like where the water shut off is. They realised they hadn’t put the shower in the bathroom like we’d asked but we were promised it would be done and tiled by the time we moved in.

Below are a few snaps we took of the house after we picked up the keys (they put the shower in the bathroom!). It was a Thursday night, so we didn’t sleep there that night as Adam had work the next day. But on Friday I enlisted the help of my brother and uncle and after about 4 trips with the car and van – Yes I drove a van, proof below! – everything was in the house…well dumped in the lounge.

I was a little nervous about our choice of pistachio tiles in our en-suite, especially since the rest of the house is pretty neutral, but honestly, I love them! They make the room feel all energising when I step into the shower in the morning. The hardest part has been finding accessories and stuff to match!

The family bathroom is also quickly becoming one of my favourite places. We saw orange accents in a show home and fell in love. It’s so cosy to enjoy a bath in this space.

We ordered our sofas from Oakland Furniture and got two free mirrors with our purchase! – not that we’ve got them on the walls yet. Isn’t it amazing how just adding a sofa completely transforms the room?

We had our house warming last weekend, below you can see the before and after of our hallway and it still looked unfinished on the morning of the house warming! It was a mad dash to get the shelves up for the shoes and some coat hangers on the wall for our guests. The hallway isn’t finished yet by any means, I’d still like some vases, maybe a candle for the radiator cover and we need a dish to dump our keys!

You’ll probably laugh, but I like to visualise how I want a room by drawing it. Sometimes I’ll do a top down view and draw furniture in to see if it fits and how I want it arranged, other times I’ll make pictures on my one like this one to fully visualise the space. After looking for weeks for a show rack/solution I decided nothing would fit and we’d just have to make our own. So we got some floating shelves from Ikea which fit snuggly in the corner.

Here we get to show off our new DIY skills. As I mentioned above, we put shelves up in the hallway, we’ve also got picture rails in the lounge. Learning how to put up shelves and drill through drywall was a major learning curve but the spirit level says they’re level so…

We’ve also got some curtains up in our bedroom and lounge. Putting up a curtain pole is a similar job to putting up shelves really, the hardest part is making sure the pole is in the right position for the drop of the curtains.

The study currently feels a little dark, so we’re considering a complete colour change since we’re currently using the furniture from our previous house. But it’s not high on the to-do list at the moment. I’d like to work on the garden and our master bedroom next.

The box room is also pretty low on the to-do. At them moment it is full of boxes, Christmas decorations, and bits of furniture, but it will become a ‘Man-cave’ for Adam soon. He’s rather pleased about that!

And that’s it!

I’ll do another update in a few weeks. We’ve got blinds being installed on the 28th and I can hear our bank accounts giving a sigh of relief now that we’ve bought most of the big stuff.

Please let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I also post house-stuff on Pinterest and Instagram, just follow Fearless_Fox .

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