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DIY Succulent Planter

Here’s another crafty project to brighten up your home. I first saw these on Pinterest and it was love at first sight. Something cheap, easy

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DIY Frosted Vase

I have always enjoyed crafting and making things you can have on display in your home is an amazing feeling. This Vase is so easy to make, you only need a few materials and a little time.

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Gift Ideas for Men

 The men in our lives can be pretty tricky to buy presents for. There’s always cologne, boxers or a crate of beer. But what if

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DIY Beer Advent Calandar

This DIY beer advent calendar is a perfect gift for any beer lover. I made one for Adam as part of his Christmas present and

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Setting Goals for 2019

One week in to the new year, I hope everyone’s 2019 is off to a great start and you’re smashing your goals! I know people

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Five FREE coffees in one week!

If you love coffee like me (I’m not addicted, I swear) and enjoy grabbing one on the go, you have to take advantage of all the ways you can score a free one, because everything tastes better when its free, right?

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