New Season, New Plan…New me?

It is officially Spring! And whilst the recent good weather has had a fabulous effect on my general mood, recently I’ve been feeling a bit down.

This time of year can be challenging for me. I lost my mum in February 2013 and the anniversary of her death always hits me pretty hard. In the weeks after, just when I start to feel better, Mother’s day (UK) approaches and the shops are filled with cards, flowers and gifts.

Add some PMS into the mix and I’m an emotional wreck!

Now I’m not complaining, I do have women in my life who are like mother’s to me and I appreciate them, but when I’m feeling like this I usually find it helps to throw myself completely into something new. This helps to divert my attention and stops me from wallowing in self-pity.

So what am I going to do about it?

At the moment my head is so busy with stuff to do (DIY for the house) and projects to complete that I thought the best way to get myself together is to try to focus on myself a little bit.

Now this sounds cliché, but now that the sun’s come out I’m thinking about my ‘beach body’ … or the absence of. My weight has been on a steady increase since leaving university and is probably been accelerated by my desk job and not doing enough exercise.

So I’ve decided to throw my energy into getting fit and loosing a bit of podge.

Hello #Lean-in-15!

I don’t really know how I came across Joe Wick’s Shift, Shape and Sustain Plan but I started reading about it, bought the first book and decided to give it a go.

Joe’s plan revolves around the idea of eating healthy balanced meals at the right times and no calorie counting!

There’s no cutting out major food groups (other than alcohol – that’s a food group, right?) and for the first 30 days – The Shift Plan – you eat wholesome, tasty food whilst doing a few 15 minute HIIT workouts a week.

The down side is you have to be prepared to do some cooking. I don’t mind, as I quite enjoy cooking, but it can be pretty expensive if you don’t plan ahead.

I read a review that said the shopping list to follow this plan cost £210.00 for a week and the price per person was £124.00! this is ridiculous! I’m cooking for 2 and I bought everything I needed for 10 days of meals and snacks for around £100.00, and I didn’t even choose the cheapest meals (we’ve had lamb one night!). So, whilst it’s not as expensive as some people claim, its also not as cheap as eating chicken and chips every night of the week.

Okay, rant over, I think there is going to be love and hate for any ‘diet’ plan out there. But I feel this plan is good for me as I get bored eating the same foods over and over, I don’t have much time for long workouts and Adam can join in too! (poor Adam).

The Plan

  • On work out days you get to eat 2 reduced carb meals, 1 post work-out carb meal and 2 snacks.
  • On rest days you get to eat 3 reduced carb meals and 2 snacks.
  • The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are just 15 minute long. And you don’t have to follow ones in the book. There are plenty of HIIT Apps you can download onto your phone.

I’m doing this along the Couchto5k running challenge so runs are counting as some of my workouts. There’s also loads of recipes in the book and I’ll be posting a few on my site too. Starting with Cauliflower Couscous Chicken.

You can also follow Joe Wicks’ social media pages as he has loads of recipes on there too.

#Leanin15 #JoeWicks

The Results

If I’m feeling brave in a few weeks I’ll post some before and after pictures. Joe encourages us to ditch the scales (the sad step) and use pictures to measure our progress instead. I have weighed myself though as I was curious to see if any weight had come off.

I have only been on this plan for 7 days but I have lost 2lb and I feel less bloated.

I’ve also noticed that whilst in work I don’t get that mid-afternoon crash and I feel much more alert. Which is great because you’ve got to actually have energy to do the workouts.

Adam has lost around 6lb which is unbelievable…although he did get the stomach bug that’s been going around, so I think he cheated.

I’m actually looking forward to continuing with this plan. It feels much more sustainable than the diets I’ve tried in the past, and I look forward to each and every meal!

So, If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, or you just want to shift a little weight, why not join me and try the 90 day – Shift, Shape, Sustain plan? You’ll smash it!

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